Line Up


Olivier Harouard & Natasha Devyatkina

Natasha and Olivier are sucessful instructors, competitors and performers. 

They have won numerous contests and in April 2013 at the Balboa Rendez-vous, they were the first European couple to win the title of Champion IBC (International Balboa Championship) in the famous Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach (USA)! 

They also placed 3rd at the highest ranked Balboa competition in 2011, the American Classic Balboa Championships. 

More than competing they enjoy social dancing and sharing their passion with others.

Natasha and Olivier will be teaching Balboa.

Jennifer Lee & Gio Olla

Jenn Lee (She/Her) is a renowned swing dance instructor with a passion for fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. She emphasizes the importance of follow voice, ensuring equal attention to both leads and follows. Jenn acknowledges the Black cultural roots of swing dancing and encourages dancers to appreciate its rich history. As a professional follow without a dedicated partner, Jenn's versatile dance style adapts to various partners and teaching collaborations, enhancing her abilities as an instructor. Her strong music background allows her to seamlessly integrate rhythmic concepts and musicality into her classes, helping students express themselves on the dance floor. Jenn's love for social dancing and the swing community is evident in her warm approach and adaptable style, making her a valuable addition to any dance event she participates in.

What do you know about Gio? Thank you for asking! Did you know that he started dancing at 10 years old, he was born in Sardinia, Italy and that he always travels with a portable iron to fix his shirts and look sharp?! Well… these are just some fun facts but what about Gio’s dancing philosophy? Lean in and I’ll tell you all about it!

Gio promotes an original take to dancing and encourages others to develop their own personal style. Gio dances with a lot of rotation, always with plenty of details, and hilarious poses - it might be too much at times, but he is working on it!  To all the nerds out there, Gio’s classes will give you something to chew on. Expect to go deep into details rather than trying many moves, the material will be structured and neatly presented and hopefully yeah… you will have a good time! 


The Big Five

Inspired by the wild hot sounds of 1930s/40s Harlem and Chicago, The Big Five have quickly established themselves as Berlin’s most authentic swing-era jazz combo. Combining a driving rhythm section, a fiery horn-led frontline and dynamic song-arrangements, this international band makes a deep-dive into the lesser-known repertoire of the Swing Golden Age, as well as a strong emphasis on original compositions. 

Ranging in size from the core quintet to the full septet lineup, The Big Five are veterans of Berlin’s famed Lindy-hop and Balboa dance-halls and know how to turn a mild-mannered dance party into a raging frenzy of swing-outs. With their sharp attire and an intense passion for authentic swing era jazz, these cats will certainly make you Jump for Joy!

The Big Five will play as a full septet lineup on Saturday.

Gypsy Flash Trio feat. Chris Huwer

Das Gypsy Flash Trio besticht durch seine Interpretation von Stücken aus dem Gypsy Jazz und Standards aus dem American Jazz.

Die Besetzung kleidet sich im Gewand der modernen Gypsy Jazz Formation mit Michael Gerle an der Lead Gitarre, Markus Wagner am Kontrabass und 

Michael Bitz an der Rhythmus Gitarre. Zu diesem Anlass wird Chris Huwer (Freiburg) das Trio an der Geige unterstützen und dem UpTempo Swing für die Balboatänzer:innen eine besondere Note verleihen. 

Wir freuen uns auf eure Tanzeinlagen!


DJ Betina

Betina has been passionate about Jazz music before she began with Lindy Hop and other dances in 2009. She is fascinated by the music itself and the energy it brings to the dance couple. She enjoys teaching closed position dances like Balboa and Slow Balboa in her dance studio, Sunny Side Swing in Darmstadt. Her DJ repertoire contains energetic pieces that inspire playful styles and spirited footwork as well as smooth tunes to glide across the floor.

DJ Zazie Métro

Zazie Métro liebt den Jazz! Den findet sie in ganz unterschiedlichen Stilrichtungen wieder, vom New Orleans Jazz über den klassischen Big-Band-Swing und dem schwarzen Rhythm & Blues bis hin zu zeitgenössischem Swing. Ausflüge in alle möglichen benachbarten Gefilde sind jederzeit denkbar! Wichtig ist es ihr dabei vor allem, nicht einfach willkürlich irgendwelche Songs aneinander zu reihen, sondern einen Bogen zu spannen, der die Tanzlust am Kochen hält. Lasst euch überraschen!