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Until July 19th, 2023

From July 20th, 2023

Booking Options

You will be able to purchase your ticket in our shop. Below, you find all options for booking. You need to add every option you wish to book (also parties!) separately to your shopping cart. When choosing your tickets, please be aware, that there are parallel classes which should not be purchased together. We now also have tickets for single leaders and followers. Since we allow only for a certain number of surplus leader or follower, the availability of a ticket for your role depends on purchases of the other role (more details see below). Prices are per ticket.

Concerning Payment

We use the services of PayPal for our tickets. However you do not need a PayPal account to buy tickets for the festival. When you proceed to check-out, in the segment "Choose a Payment Gateway" you have the option "Ohne PayPal bezahlen / Pay without Paypal". Choose this option, then follow the instructions. If you get asked again to log into your PayPal account, look for an option "Pay with credit/debit card".

Below, you can already find some information on booking options and prices. For the schedule, please click here.

Tickets for the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023

St. Louis Shag Special – Regular Bird: 45,- € 


Balboa Advanced (6h) Regular Bird: 119,- €   - SOLD OUT! Waiting List

Saturday & Sunday

(cannot be combined with Shag Advanced, Balboa Intermediate)

Balboa Intermediate-Advanced (6h) – Regular Bird: 119,- € 

Saturday & Sunday

(cannot be combined with Shag Intermediate, Balboa Intermediate)

Balboa Intermediate (4h)Regular Bird: 79,- € 

Saturday & Sunday

(cannot be combined with Balboa Advanced, Balboa Intermediate-Advanced)

Collegiate Shag Advanced (4h)Regular Bird: 79,- €

Saturday & Sunday

(cannot be combined with Balboa Advanced)

Collegiate Shag Intermediate (4h)Regular Bird: 79,- €

Saturday & Sunday

(cannot be combined with Balboa Intermediate-Advanced)

Party Pass – 54,- €

Friday & Saturday & Sunday

Friday Party Only– 25,- €


Saturday Party Only29,- €