Location & Hotel


The 2024 Augsburg Balboa Festival is hosted by Hep Cat Club, our studio is located at Viktoriastraße 3B, 86150 Augsburg, Germany.

The entrance is directly at track 1 of the Augsburg central train station. Here is how to find the entrance: Imagine you step out of a train on track 1., then you go to the left to the next building (Helio Center). The door at the corner ist the entrance, it’s just 3 meters away from the roof of the train station building at track 1. You also see our Hep Cat Club logo there, we are located on the first floor.

You can find a plan on www.hepcatclub.com


Have you heard about the City Zone Augsburg? Within the city center you can use all busses and trains for FREE! Amazing, huh? Please check the local Covid policies and regulations, restrictions may apply, currently FFP2 masks are mandatory (as of January 15th).

Some nice places to visit in Augsburg:

There are many nice places in Augsburg, but often they are a bit hidden, especially when you start at the main train station. Don’t miss to walk through the „Lechviertel - untere Altstadt“. Maybe it’s also interesting to visit the „Fuggerei“.

Please check the opening hours, some of them are closed on Sundays or close early!

Please check their Covid policies prior to visit.


The best way to reach us is by train. The Main Station is directly located at the Hep Cat Club. We recommend to come to our festival by train in care of this planet we all love. And just to remind you, it's the only planet where we can dance boogie. You can buy your train tickets to Augsburg at the Deutsche Bahn


If you are coming by car, we would recommend you to do carsharing. Parking is possible at the garage of Helio.


There are many hotels nearby, for example the 

Food & Drinks

We will have a self-service bar for coffee, snacks, water and fruits. Since the studio is conveniently located at Augsburg main train station and very close to downtown, it is only a short walk to go for lunch or dinner after classes or grab something to eat on the way to the hotel.